I turned to data science from policy research because we weren't doing enough with what we had. While I worked in politics, I was privileged to use the best data to answer some of the hardest questions about when and how people choose their paths. But the data failed us in important ways in 2016. 

In part, that is because we let our fascination with the data drive our goals. Since then, I have refocused on the real goals--healthcare, education, and an economy that works for everyone--and I have been using the data to listen, anticipate, and create strategies to achieve those goals. 


Worked with experts in creative message design to test a new, big-data-driven pipeline for design, deployment, and optimization of social marketing (advertising for good).

Using SQL, R, and Tensorflow, trained a deep neural network model on millions of records to recommends new content using individual preferences as well as overall message quality.

Presented the results in simple visualizations to experts in data and messaging at events nationwide.

Led a technical infrastructure team to design a hardware and software architecture including R, Python, Vertica, Postgres, git, and a network of custom API calls to deploy the pipeline to production and support additional innovation.


Northwestern University                                 |   PhD, Psychology                             


Psychometrics including survey scale development and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

Supervised predictive modeling including conventional regression, forests of trees, and deep neural networks.

Unsupervised modeling including clustering and audience segmentation.


Frederica Conrey Consulting                         |   Principal                            |   2018-present  

Catalist                                                            |   Principal Data Scientist   |   2014-2018  

Booz Allen Hamilton                                      |   Lead Associate                  |   2011-2014  

ICF Macro                                                        |   Survey Methodologist      |   2008-2011


Synovate                                                           |   Senior Study Director      |   2006-2008