Frederica "Riki" Conrey, PhD

Social Data Science


I am a social psychologist and a data scientist for social change. I work directly with artists, activists, policymakers, and social media specialists, using their data to expand the reach of their work.

Recent Work


Healthcare and Policy

After more than a decade spent researching public policy and healthcare quality, I am passionate about using big data to make it easier for people who help people to get their work done. 

I am working with The Yuhas Group to create a series of artificial intelligence models to predict, describe, and address healthcare risks. 


The big data revolution offers us the opportunity to go deeper than demographic cross-tabulations and design policies based on what really moves people--their values.

I worked as Principal Scientist on The Peoria Project with a creative team that conceptualized and test a new way of thinking about Americans and what moves them.  


The promise of digital, customizable communications is that ​we can reach people with exactly what concerns them. It's hard to know whether we've delivered on that promise, though, if we can't tell whether the messages we're sending are working. 

I create metrics based on aggregate social media outcomes to estimate engagement, interest, and persuasion.